Are you thinking about landscaping your home in Los Angeles? Call RAA Construction Group. Let’s design your landscape together. Our landscape designs look great from spring through the winter season. We balance plantings so that there is always something coming into bloom or something new taking center stage.

We build landscapes of astonishing beauty. They add space to your home and are functional living spaces for entertaining or just relaxing. From planning and design to the completion of the landscape installation, RAA Construction Group landscape projects exceed the needs and requirements of our clients. Our designs work with both the architectural design and environmental factors unique to your property.

If you like the idea of smelling fresh bouquets daily, we design your plantings so all through the season new blooms and scents infuse the air and rejuvenate you. When you hire RAA Construction Group for landscaping, you will be pleased to discover something new all the time in your own backyard.

Over the last 10 years we have been fortunate to gather the area’s better designers and landscape construction crews. When you have the area’s best working for you like RAA Construction Group does, the sky is the limit!


For hardscapes, our masons are some of the more experienced in Los Angeles. Look no further than RAA Construction Group for your retaining walls, patios, beds, and decorative pools.

We are also leaders in green renovations. Depending on the design you approve, it could make use of recycled masonry material. Recycled materials used in different design applications brings the design a classic old world feel.

We can add in masonry planters and walled beds in and around your new patio to highlight and put emphasis on the beauty of the hardscape work.

By using superior material in all our hardscapes, RAA Construction Group finished landscapes have a very stylish feel to them. By mixing patterns and material for your hardscape and patios, we deliver finished hardscapes that exceed your expectations.

We can give you more usable space if your backyard is on a slope. This literally will make your backyard bigger and make it gorgeous. Depending on your needs we can build in one level or as a terraced multi-level yard.

Call RAA Construction Group first for better landscape design and construction. Our commitment to customer service has won the respect of our competitors as well as our customers. That’s something we are very proud of.

Custom Decks

RAA Construction Group builds unique and spectacular decks in Los Angeles. We can build or restore your deck on the most difficult hillside terrain. We also design single and multi-level decks, whatever your property calls for, we do. Customizing your deck will make it uniquely yours and with RAA Construction Group on the job it will excel in beauty and function for your enjoyment and maximize the entertainment potential. When you hire us you get decades of experience for your landscape project.

For an original customized your deck railing, we create designs with cable, glass, and wood railing systems. Because our craftsmen can construct your railings, we guarantee top quality finished products that manufactured or assembled railings cannot compete with.

Imagine having a get together with your closest friends and family on a multi-level deck with built-in planters or fire-pit. After a hard day at the office going out to your deck and relaxing in your own whirlpool. RAA Construction Group has the experience to bring all the options to the table for our customers. We want you to be happy.

We design and build a glass additions for the top of your custom deck. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, you can come out to your deck and enjoy the scenery any time of year.

Custom Patios

RAA Construction Group builds custom patios. We use environmentally friendly and recycled materials. We design and build custom patios to your specifications. Hillside homes with multi-level patios are always very stylish. The material choices can harmonize with any house design.

For Los Angeles deck and patio design call RAA Construction Group. We have the experience and construction talent you want for decks and patios. We’ll sit down with you and talk you through the possibilities for your property.

When you need enough room on your new deck to entertain and dance on, or you want your new deck for functions and family time, our designs cover the full range of possibilities. Building a special space to enjoy outdoors is a dream everybody has. Call RAA Construction Group and let’s discuss the possibilities. It doesn’t matter what the condition of your yard is or how it’s situated, we will bring out the absolute best views and use for your property.